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At Swiss Cannabis, we are always looking for like-minded individuals who support and believe what we believe.

Most people in the world have either never heard of hemp and cannabis or think that they have little to zero value. It is this mindset that we are trying to overturn. Apart from our products, one way of doing this is through writing informative articles.

You can write about any of these topics.

Research on Cannabis and Hemp

Hemp is a very diverse plant with a number of products and benefits to people. Write about the different products that people can expect out of hemp. To date, paper products, clothes, cloths, and even food can be produced from hemp.

There is also significant attention on cannabis and its many uses. Cannabis is most often known for its recreational use. However, there are several past and on-going studies that point to its health benefits. That would be a good place to start.

The Legality

Hemp and cannabis are still seen as taboo in some parts of the world despite their many benefits. In some parts of the world though, it would be interesting to read an article about its legal history, as well as how it stands today.


Today, you can find dispensaries in every state where weed is legal. Write us a list of the best dispensaries you have visited. You can also write us some tips for first-time dispensary goers and things that they need to know.

If you’d like to contribute some articles, please give us a call at 081 995 98 74.