3 Reasons Why Marijuana Remains Illegal

img - 3 Reasons Why Marijuana Remains Illegal

Through a survey distributed in 2018, at least 61 percent of Americans want marijuana to be legalized. This support for marijuana has been steadily growing through these past years. However, why is marijuana still illegal in majority of the states?

There have been scientific studies and even economic plans for uses of cannabis and hemp. However, these are still not enough to swing the vote to marijuana’s favor.

Here are three reasons why marijuana remains illegal.

The Pharmaceutical Lobby

Despite cannabis offering many remedies to pain, inflammation, therapeutic effects for cancer, epilepsy, ADHD, and more, it isn’t enough to warrant its legalization.

If you look at these benefits, pharmaceutical companies stand to take the biggest hit from the legalization.

A retired police officer, Harry Woolridge, recently turned into a lobbyist for the relaxing of government laws regarding marijuana. In a report, he said that next to the police, big pharmaceutical companies are the second biggest opponent on Capitol Hill.

Woolridge says that he reason behind is that, “marijuana can replace everything from Advil, to Vicodin and other expensive pills.”

Thus, these pharmaceutical companies are investing lots of money into campaigns against marijuana’s legalization.

Super PACs funded by Petroleum Companies

The threat felt by big pharmaceutical companies is also felt by petroleum companies.

The reasoning behind this can be found in a previous article. In one of our previous articles, we spoke about hemp’s capability of creating energy such as fuel. It is this that petroleum companies are afraid of because anything that they can make, hemp can make and perhaps even do better.

Usually, corn is grown for ethanol. This is used to enrich gasoline. In order to do this though, a lot of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are required to have it grow.

Hemp on the other hand requires no such chemicals. On top of hemp being able to be grown organically, it also grows as much or even more produce than corn. Thus, it is a sustainable path for fuel.

This alone has the potential to bankrupt petroleum companies. If hemp were to replace our main fuel source, petroleum companies would lose sales in their fuel, fertilizers, oils, chemicals, plastics, pesticides, herbicides, and so much more.

Did we mention that from the hemp plant, everything that we just mentioned the petroleum companies are at risk to lose can be made from it as well? Hemp is game changing, but petroleum companies don’t want to let go of their position at the leaderboard with the potential change of the game.

Want to know the kicker? Henry Ford used hemp to make his own oils and fuels. Go figure.

The Lumber Industry Lobby

With the lumber industry, it is all about paper. This can potentially mean in the money sense, and also in quite the literal sense.

Harking back to the time when the Reefer Madness campaign was starting, Randolph Hearst decided to deforest his land so that he could avoid paying hemp farmers from making paper. Ever since then, trees were the main source of paper.

Before that though, hemp was the primary source of paper. It was renewable, and its yields far exceeded that of trees. With trees, a person would have to wait at least 20 years to repopulate a forest.

The change to hemp would be devastating to the lumber industry’s bottom line.

These facts only paint a part of the picture. The whole view contains more reasons, acting together as a machine, that all contribute to why marijuana is still illegal.

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