3 Surprising Items You Didn’t Know Were Made from Hemp

hemp - 3 Surprising Items You Didn’t Know Were Made from Hemp

Hemp is already known as a resource that has various uses. These include clothes, ropes, and paper. However, we bet the items in this list that you didn’t know are also made from hemp.

Here are three items you didn’t know were made from hemp.


fuel - 3 Surprising Items You Didn’t Know Were Made from Hemp

You read this right. Hemp can be made into fuel. There are two types of fuel that hemp can be made into: hemp biodiesel and hemp ethanol/methanol. The former is made from the oil of the pressed hemp seed, while the latter is made from the fermented stalk of hemp.

Biodiesel is an important thing to focus on. It is a fuel source that has been tried and tested in Europe for over 20 years. With hemp biodiesel though, the regular smell of petroleum is replaced with the pleasant smell of hemp or even french fries.

Moreover, using biodiesel in an engine can help to extend its lifespan. This happens because the biodiesel acts as lubrication for the engine.

Author Jack Herer states that if hemp were to be accepted worldwide, then we could theoretically end our dependence on fossil fuels.


battery - 3 Surprising Items You Didn’t Know Were Made from Hemp

Some scientists and researchers are calling hemp our ticket to our energy crisis. When heating hemp bast fibers through a two-stage process, efficient carbon electrodes can be produced.

This process can make as much energy as the highly touted graphene and performs better than our standard lithium batteries that we already using. It is capable of charging 20 times faster than lithium batteries and is thermally stable which means it has no chance of overheating.

The best thing is that the batteries made from hemp are far cheaper than even graphene.

Makeup and Nail Polish

polish - 3 Surprising Items You Didn’t Know Were Made from Hemp

Stepping away from the realm of energy sources, we head to the aesthetic. Some parts of hemp can be made into makeup and nail polish.

For makeup, the hemp oil is utilized due to its high concentrates of Vitamins A, C, and E. It is also very rich in amino acids and antioxidants. As such, this oil is good for the skin. What better combination than to create make up that is makes your skin look good and is good for your skin as well.

Hemp makeup reduces acne and signs of aging. These are only a few benefits that hemp oil has to the skin.

These oils can also be utilized for nail polish. They also have the same healthy properties which keeps the nails healthy.

These are just a few new items that hemp can produce. Hemp’s various uses seem to know no bounds, as more and more variants are being discovered. Some of these discoveries even make their way to dispensaries like our very own Swiss Cannabis.

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