Top 3 Things to Try in a Dispensary

thc - Top 3 Things to Try in a Dispensary

When regular people hear about dispensaries, they usually think about one thing: cannabis. However, there are more products that can be tried and enjoyed.

Here are three things that you can try when visiting a dispensary.


Generally speaking, a tincture is any drug that is dissolved in alcohol. Thus, a tincture is made with high percentage alcohol. The alcohol is used to extract important elements from cannabis such as THC. Afterwards, the product is strained and the tincture is the result.

When this is done, the tincture can be taken orally. The cannabis tincture is recommended for those who would like to consume cannabis as precise as possible.

The good thing about tinctures is that they can be consumed by adding onto any food or beverage. The direct approach to the tongue is also an acceptable practice.

Most people use tinctures because of how it differs from what is smoked and what is eaten. Smoking cannabis will have its usual effects but could irritate the lungs. Edibles on the other hand are very strong but may take long to have its effects felt.

Tinctures on the other hand are the middle ground. The strength can be controlled depending on the dosage that is taken. After a drop onto the tongue, it is just a matter of waiting 15 to 30 minutes.

Creams or Topicals

cream - Top 3 Things to Try in a Dispensary

Creams or topicals are taking away the notion that marijuana is something solely to be smoked. It is a new mode of cannabis consumption that is safe and accessible.

These creams and topicals act like a hand cream for moisturizing works. These lotions, balms, or oils are applied to a specific art of the body in order to lessen pain, inflammation, or soreness. These are often used by people who want the physical effect of cannabis without its mental effect.

For this product, the relief it provides works through the CB2 receptor which are found throughout the body.

Experiences from those who take creams and topicals widen the benefits to headaches, cramps, psoriasis, and even dermatitis.

Depending on the type of cream or topical, it caters to a different problem. All you need to do is find what works for you by experimenting on different strains.


capsule - Top 3 Things to Try in a Dispensary

As previously stated, smoking cannabis has the problem of affecting a person’s respiratory system. Due to this, a safe alternative is the cannabis capsule. It has all the health benefits and effects of cannabis, but without the effect on a person’s lungs and throat.

These capsules have a number of other benefits too. One is that the dosage is controlled within each pill. The effect is predictable. They also don’t smell and affect a person’s home like anything being smoked.

Like the creams and tinctures, they also lessen a person’s pain and inflammation. It is a way of reducing stress and anxiety as well.

There are more ways to consume cannabis. It is just a matter of finding what is possible and taking what you like. Explore Swiss Cannabis’ consumption methods through our website and we hope you find something that suits you.

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