3 Latest Developments for Cannabis in 2018

weed - 3 Latest Developments for Cannabis in 2018

Research is constantly being made into the many benefits that cannabis has on people. This article has the latest updates to research done in 2018. Here are three of those latest developments recently researched this year.

Preventing Iron in Aging Brain Diseases

Throughout a lifetime, different essential minerals are built up in the body. One of them is iron. Iron is important as it helps oxygen flow from the blood to the different parts of the body.

However, the problem is that too much iron could result in certain brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. It could also impair the mitochondria which is the cell’s primary energy producer. Without, the brain just wouldn’t act right, with an increase of brain inflammation on the way.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. In this case, cannabis could be an effective way of preventing iron overdose in the brain.

A study by the Brain Research Bulleting suggested that CBD oil protects the brain against iron overdose in rats. It stops the damaging effect on the brain’s mitochondrial function.

Treating Pain in the Elderly

A study was recently done on elderly people who have been using medical cannabis for at least six months. In it, 75 percent of the 900 patients barely had any experience with consuming cannabis. This fact made the findings even more powerful.

Of these patients, most of them began taking cannabis as a way to reduce pain from chemotherapy, Parkinson’s, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A staggering 93.7 percent of the respondents reported that taking cannabis improved their symptoms after six months of use. Apart from that, the respondents also reported that their pain went from feeling like an 8 to a 4.

Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Cannabis has long been used to treat cancer-related symptoms such as pain and nausea. However, there has been a growing body of study positing that certain cannabinoids have effects that fight cancer.

Austrian scientists have recently conducted a study that showed that CB1 receptor activation was able to suppress tumors growth in colon cancer. The GPR55 receptor on the other hand promotes tumor growth.

Lucky for cannabis users, cannabis primarily targets the CB1 receptor. At the same time, it also suppresses the GPR55 receptor’s activities, thereby stopping tumor growth.

Thus, the study showed that a combination of THC and CBD is able to protect against colon cancer. Apart from that, CBD also has an additional and important effect.

CBD has the capability to prevent the tolerance of the CB1 receptor to THC. Without CBD, the CB1 receptor would be less receptive to THC and its beneficial effects.

These are just a few recent developments in cannabis with more being discovered.

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