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Numerous books have been written about hemp and its all-around usefulness. However, these books are not as prominent as they should be.

Here are a couple of important books that will help shed light on hemp, its uses, and the history of such a fascinating but ostracized material.

Doug Fine’s Hemp Bound

Doug Fine is an American author, journalist, and cannabis expert. In this book, he starts off by talking about hemp’s amazing reusable qualities. To Fine, hemp is one of the finest plants on the planet, where the seed oil is nutritious, and its various parts are all usable.

With the efficacy of hemp introduced, he then asks why it is illegal to grow it in the United States. This is despite the first flag being made out of hemp fabric and Jefferson writing his famous words on it.

The next agricultural revolution is coming though, as he states that cannabis and hemp are finally being differentiated.

Doug Fine’s Hemp Bound is a journey across the United States to meet with the men and women who are fighting for hemp and it’s uses. These people – including researchers, agriculturalists, and testers – are the forefront of this revolution for bringing the hemp industry into the twenty first century.

His humor-filled journey starts off in Denver, then North Carolina, Manitoba, and many other destinations.

Through his journey, he finds that hemp has more uses than was first thought; in fact, he finds that hemp can possibly end our dependence on fossil fuels, heal farm lands, and bring in dollars upon dollars of revenue.

The book is an eye-opening account of what hemp can do for the planet.

Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes

I am sure everyone is familiar with the fairytale of the Emperor who Wears No Clothes. In Hans Christian Andersen’s classic, an emperor is tricked into looking at “the finest” piece of fabric that the mischievous tailors present.

Not wanting to be thought of as a fool, he plays a long and says that the fabric is beautiful. Eventually, his garb is made, and he wears it for a walk through his town. Children see through this tomfoolery and call him out on his nakedness. Eventually, everyone laughs at the emperor.

This is the usual way that this classic is remembered. However, there is more to the tale.

With everyone laughing at the emperor, he simply stops and thinks about what to do. The first thing he does is look down at his guards and glares at them until they stop laughing and avert their gaze. Then, he turns his eyes towards his ministers, the smartest people of the land.

This goes on to even the children who saw through his ruse and all the people in his kingdom. With all gazes subverted, he continues his walk, head held high as he is confident no one will ever say he is not wearing any clothes at all.

For Jack Herer, this is the state of cannabis’ current prohibition. People know of cannabis and its uses, but often forget about it when the higher ups scowl at us for our beliefs.

This book is a good introduction to the state of hemp as we know it now and how it all got this way. It is a look through the eyes of a true believe who is fighting for what he believes is what will save our planet.

These books are a good introduction to hemp and its state. If you are interested, start with these books and continue finding other books out there for more information about cannabis. Be sure to visit the Swiss Cannabis website often for more book recommendations.